Let's create a strong, positive brand for your business.

Our agency will build a brand that inspires trust in your customer.

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Establish your business with beautiful brand.

Professional graphic designers will carry your brand to new heights.

If you are starting your business or have limited resources, you may not see branding as a priority. Of course, through building your business, you would prefer to save time and money.

Every business’s marketing strategy relies heavily on graphic design. Not only does it help to create stunning marketing resources like brochures, business cards, website designs, and social media banners, but also it is an effective way to interact quickly with your audience.

Graphics are used by businesses at every stage of their marketing strategy to advise, engage, and ultimately encourage potential customers to buy.

So if you are still struggling to get a loyal customer, maybe it’s time to start thinking of a different way to communicate. By using Cyber Bee as a Graphic design agency, you will not simply save money and increase your sales, but you will have the time to focus exclusively on what you do best.

It’s time to rebrand yourself, reinvent your identity, and distinguish yourself from your competitor.

Let’s start this journey together!

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Branding features

Control how your customers see you!

Building your brand is essential when you do business. It is the first contact with your customer and how they remember your website or shop. Powerful brand identity will have an impact on potential clients, but also showcase what you offer. It is an excellent method to increase customer trust and loyalty.

At Cyber Bee, we will create your brand based on your values and philosophy. Rather than what you do, your customer will understand why and how your company exists. That’s what makes a brand live for a lifetime.

Let’s start this rewarding journey together!

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Logo Design

Our graphic designer creates one-of-a-kind names, logos, designs, and brand elements to establish your company apart from the competition and display your professionalism. 

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Print Design

Flyers, brochure, business cards, posters and T-shirts are all-important advertising resources for interacting with your target audience.
Our team can help you build stunning print designs that will catch potential customers’ attention and increase your sales.

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Illustrations are excellent tools for your website. Most people are visual learners, which means they learn through images. We believe it’s a successful method to digest long text and engagement with your customer target.

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Social Media

The social Media cover is the image banner at the top of your Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram profiles. It can be used to launch new products, advertising, or display business details. Our digital marketing agency will design professional banners that build confidence in your visitors.

Branding process

We build brands that people love

Your small business will face competition from big corporations with loyal customers and bigger marketing budgets. For that reason, it is essential to build a unique brand that will stand out. You can’t do that with just a nice logo. You need a strategy to bring your brand to the next level. By doing so, your customer will perceive you as a player on your own in your industry.

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1. - Market research

The goal is to learn about your business, industry and understand your audience. We will gather information to understand your long-term vision and challenges to start working on a plan.

2. - Brand identity

Your identity are all the elements that make your brand recognizable. The goal here is to create something memorable that will engage your customer. Your logo is the main element for your business that we will start working on, but not only – your name, font, colour palette, way of communicate are also component that we will develop during this phase.

3. - Brand awarness

It’s a process to maintain a calendar to which we will set a series of goals. Your brand will develop overtime, and it’s important to keep the momentum and set new challenges that will allow your brand to change without losing your values.

4. - Remain consistency

Once your brand is launch, we must remain consistent in our communication with customers. Even with update and tweaks, it's important to stay true to your brand personality, something that connect to your values and goals.


About our Graphic Design services

You are still unsure whether investing on building your brand. Here are the most frequent question.

It is a broader concept associated with your product or services that leave a mark in the customer’s mind. Your brand includes your company’s name, designs, logo, and other unique features attached to its personality.
There are multiple marketing resources such as logo, website design, business cards, brochures, email messages, or online ads to interact with your audience and impose effectively your brand online.

The goal of a branding agency is to create through graphic design a memorable brand or improves the current one. Distinct communication and attractive design are critical components of branding identity and contribute to making your business stand out from the crowd.

Branding is essential to every business because it allows you to separate yourself from the competition.
Even if you are unique in your field, it will not be long before someone copy it and sell it with maybe more success.
People are influenced by what is presented to them, and that’s why you need a strategy to engage emotionally your customer to choose your company.

Branding is not just about having a logo and putting it on everything your company presents. It’s more about communicating the same message with the same graphic standards to your customer .
Graphic design establishes a framework for your message, so your audience recognizes YOU in every message you deliver. The key to good branding is consistency, which breeds trust, and Graphic design help to achieve that.

The avancement of technology make it easy to communicate efficiently and quickly online. We can arrange a meeting on Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp when possible, or we can meet at the client’s location.

There is no easy answer, because it will depend on what graphic design services you need. Our expert can help you strategize regarding where you are standing and your budget. It’s important to know that a building a brand is a marathon, and regardless the budget allocated today, we will guarantee an increase of sale and customer’s fidelity over time.